The yard itself is purpose built. The first barn was erected in 2002 but we have continued to build and improve and, in 2010, we completed the second of two American barns, giving us a total of twenty two boxes, including a veterinary box, with some additional boxes in a lower barn. The stables are all 12’ x 12’, airy, light and well ventilated.


We have some twenty turnout paddocks ranging in size from small single horse turnout size to about 8 acres. All are well fenced and superbly maintained. The horses are turned out every day either individually or in compatible groups depending on their characters. From time to time, a small flock of sheep also share the grazing and help to maintain pasture quality and several of the paddocks have field shelters.


We have a 3 furlong all weather waxed fibre and sand oval canter which is on a slope. We have a portable plastic hurdle which can be placed on the track so whatever the weather the horses can always be schooled.


The schooling ground has numerous logs, flights of hurdles and schooling fences. There is also a 60m x 30m all weather school which has schooling hurdles and poles in it so we can teach the horses to jump properly or refresh their memories! It is also ideal for lunging, backing and flat work.


The yard is only a few miles from Newmarket so we have the use of all the fabulous facilities there which apart from every type of gallop and surface you could wish for, include a large loose school and schooling jumps on an all weather surface as well as on grass.


I also have access to, and an excellent relationship with a fantastic veterinary practice and a great farrier who both provide a tremendous service.

There is lots of good hacking around the farm which includes ditches and logs to jump. The horses can never be bored! We also have a five horse covered walker which is used for warming up and cooling the horses off.

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